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*** SAMPLE ***

2018 Tergar Asia Annual Retreat ─Mingyur Rinpoche Thailand 8-day-retreat

Event Date: 09/09/2018 - 16/09/2018

Personal Details

Contact Details
Social Information
If you select twin room, please state the passport name and telephone number of your companion whom you want to share the same room with.


Prerequisites to enter Path of Liberation Level 1 & 2

I have already completed (or will complete before September) the homework for JOL 1-3; OR

I have completed a full Ngondro from any lineage; OR

I have daily meditation for 5+ years and 1 month retreat*

*6+ hours per day of meditation practice for a cumulative total of 30+ days on retreat

Prerequisites to enter Path of Liberation Level 3 & 4

I have already completed (or will complete before September) the prerequisite requirement of 200-hour practice of Path of Liberation level 1 & 2 instructions; AND

I have already completed (or will complete before September) the prerequisite requirement of 8 individual retreat days of Path of Liberation level 1 & 2 instructions

If you have attended Path of Liberation but not yet completed the practice requirement, you can register for Path of Liberation level 1 & 2 course again.
Event Related Information
Retreat have two levels (You can only pick one, cannot join both). Please ensure you have checked prerequisites for each level

Completed Joy of Living:

Completed Path of Liberation:

The on-site registration starts at 2pm Sep 9 (Sun), the organizer will arrange free shutle service from 12:00nn to 3:30pm picking up participants from Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to the venue, it takes about 3 hours, late comers have to arrange their own transportation.

Retreat will be completed at 12nn Sep 16 (Sun). The organizer will arrange free shutle service after lunch from venue to Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), it takes about 3 hours.

Terms & Conditions
1. Photos and videos will be captured during the retreat.
2. Photo taking, video and sound recording in the event are strictly prohibited without permission of the organizer.
3. The enrollment fee is not refundable and transferrable after payment. If you are not able to join or has to drop out during the retreat, please contact the enrollment team retreat@tergarasia.org for follow up. The organizer reserves the right to forfeit the payment.
4. Retreat notice will be distributed by email in August to those successfully enrolled and paid.
5. Other than the situation stated above, the organizer might decide to postpone or cancel the event and notify participants by SMS.
6. Please take good care of the personal belongings during the retreat, the organizer will not take responsibility for any damage or lost.
7. The organizer provides three vegetarian meals per day. If you have food allergy, please bring your own food.
8. The organizer reserves all rights for any change about the event and the right of making final decision in case of any dispute.

I hereby confirm that I fully understood the requirements in joining different levels of the 8 day retreat. I have completed the required homework (if any).

I understand that being qualified to practice Path of Liberation, I have already taken refuge or have intention to take refuge from a Tergar Lama or in another Buddhist lineage.

I understand that this is a 8 day retreat and clearly evaluate my health conditions whether I am physically suitable to join and bring appropriate medications if needed.

I hereby confirm I can fully attend this eight days retreat.

I agree that the collection of my personal data in this form will be used for communication for this and future events. I have to send written request to the organizer for any update or removal of my personal data from the system. (Please refer to Personal Data (Privacy) (Amendment) Ordinance published by Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong for your rights.)

I have read and fully agree to the terms and conditions stated.